I have been parching for many years but have yet to find a day where I cannot see something new and exiting in this craft! The possibilities are endless. It is not at all as difficult as it looks, you are the one who decide how much time you want to spend on each piece. Sometimes very simple things will look stunning. Try it, and you will be truly surprised at what you can create! 

The origin of the craft comes from an era long before printing and computers, everything was handwritten and the European monks experimented with different ways of embellishing their handwritten books. At that time colours were not used, only sometimes they would add gold. The rest was just the embossing of some letters and patterns.

Now we use many kinds of colouring, we use computers to print patterns and then we have the use of all the very clever parchment tools that has been invented over the years.

There are constantly new techniques to learn as well as new tools to try, thanks to a lot of dedicated people all over the world who love this beautiful craft.

In my galleries you can see some of the things I have made over the years.


Pattern Packs -

You can buy my patterns from : Parchmentdownunder.com.au


That is also my favourite place for all the tools & Paper etc we need to make the projects!